Brighten a child's day brighten their future..

More than 17.2 million households in the United States are food insecure.  That breaks down to 48.8 million Americans (14.5% or one in seven homes).  Of these alarming totals, 16.2 million are children.

“Food insecurity” means households are uncertain of having or unable to acquire enough food to meet the needs of all their members due to limitations of money or other resources.

Imagine that you had to go to school hungry every day.  Studies show that food insecurity can have long term effects on children.  Children that do not have access to proper nutrition can become malnourished and may experience the following:

•    Delayed development of motor skills            •    Decreased cognitive skills
•    Anxiety                                                          •    Fatigue
•    Aggression                                                    •    Depression
•    Lack of focus                                                 •    Behavioral issues
•    Illness                                                            •    Missed school days

When we talk about food insecurity, we must also look at the fact that when parents do not have the adequate resources to purchase foods, many times the food they are purchasing is very unhealthy.  The less expensive options are filled with fats, salt, sugar and many, many chemicals that are detrimental to our children’s health.  

One in every three children in America ages 2-19 is already overweight or obese.  The rates of Type II Diabetes have more than tripled in the past 10 years.  The rates of diabetes and obesity are three time higher in the Hispanic and African American communities than in any other community.  We cannot afford to stand by idly and watch our children become a statistic by suffering from what they are or are not eating.  

At Feed a Healthy Mind we are taking a comprehensive approach to our children’s wellness.  We have a four point program that is progressive and proactive in nature.

Home:  We believe it all starts in the home.  By reaching out to families, we are able to educate parents on the importance of proper nutrition, fitness, cooking and sourcing, preparing and sharing healthy meals together.

School:  Feed a Healthy Mind is currently partnering with many Maryland elementary schools to provide school aged children with fun, interactive and educational outreach programs that teach the importance of proper nutrition, cooking, fitness and health.  All of these lessons go toward of goal of combating the alarming rates of obesity and diabetes.  

Community:  Every individual no matter their socio-economic status has the fundamental right to healthy food and healthcare.  Our programs are grass roots, community based.  It is the goal of Feed A Healthy Mind to go from community to community first locally and then globally to spread our message to ensure everyone has a fighting chance at a healthier future.  We will be holding Community Food Days, Nutritional outreach programs, Health Fairs and screenings as well as building community gardens, teaching sustainability and sourcing food.

Corporations:  Everyone has to do their fair share in this world to ensure the future of our children.  We look to small businesses and large corporations to get involved with Feed a Healthy Mind to further our cause.  We also depend upon these companies to work along with us as well as governmental and local agencies to ensure the dietary, educational, health and wellness needs of our children are being met.

The good news is that together we can change this situation for the children of our community and give them a fighting chance at a healthier future.

Brighten a child’s day, brighten their future!